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Publications Contacts

Director of Publications Services: Ashell R. Alston
Deputy Director of Publications Services: Brian Selzer
APHAPress Marketing Manager: David Hartogs
Book Production Editor: Maya Ribault
Digital Publications: Emily Dalton
Acquisitions Editor: Daniel Doody 
Proposal Guidelines

Ebook Subscriptions: ajph.subscriptions@apha.org

Deputy Director of Publications Services: Brian Selzer
Associate Production Editor, Senior: Mike Henry
Associate Production Editor, Junior: Avery Ferguson 
Production Coordinator: ajph-feedback@apha.org  
Permissions and Reprint: cindy.eyler@sheridan.com
Reprint Orders

AJPH Supplements
Journal Project Liaison: Shokhari Tate
Associate Production Editor - Special Publications:

American Journal of Public Health & Nation's Health Subscriptions: ajph.subscriptions@apha.org 


Executive Editor: Michele Late 
Assistant Editor: Mark Barna

Advertising Information
Advertisement: Cleo Chitester


Media Relations
Embargo Dates, Press Review Copies, News Releases