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Climate, Health and Equity

Climate change is one of the biggest health emergencies we face today. Join APHAin taking swift, ambitious action to mitigate the health effects of climate change.

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  • Student Champions for Climate Justice awardees in Hawaii posing in medical uniformsApply now for the Student Champion for Climate Justice Awards! Receive funding to host a climate and health equity event on your campus this fall. Applications are due July 29.  and .
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  • Download, share and give a guest lecture using the new Climate and Health Youth Education toolkit.
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  • Watch the  for free or purchase for CE credit.
  • Earth Hour book cover with people under starry skyWatch the  for free or purchase for CE credit.
  • Join our ECO Bookworms book club. We promote a new book every month on all our social media platforms. Use our questions to help your Early Climate Optimists ask the questions they have about their environment.

Who We Are

ѻý’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity leads public health efforts to inspire action on climate and health equity, advance policy and galvanize the field to address the climate crisis.

Climate Equity and JusticeClimate and Health Education

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Why Is Climate Change a Public Health Issue? 

As rising global temperatures disrupt the interconnected systems in our environment, we are vulnerable to catastrophic conditions.

Extreme heat, severe storms, air pollution, wildfires and the spread of mosquito- and tick-borne diseases threaten the physical and mental health of all communities.

APHAfocuses on protecting populations who are disproportionately affected, including people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, communities of color, people experiencing homelessness and outdoor workers.

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Research, Fact Sheets and More

View all APHAfact sheets related to climate change.

View all related to climate change.

Read the latest

Infographic: How Climate Change Affects Your Health

American Climate Perspectives Survey 2022, Vol. II, in partnership with ecoAmerica

  • Part 1:  (PDF)
  • Part 2: (PDF) 

Fact sheets on energy justice (special thanks to Partnership for Southern Equity for their thoughtful review)

Watch videos.

Climate-relevant COVID-19 resources

  •  (CDC)
  •  (CDC)
  •  (CDC)
  •  (American Flood Coalition)

Fact sheets on the health impacts of climate change (all are PDFs)

Alaska | California | Midwest | Northeast | Northern Great Plains | Southeast | Southern Great Plains | Southwest

Fact sheet template and guides to help you create maps and find data to populate your location-specific factsheet:

Factsheet template (DOC) | Generating Environmental Health Maps (PDF) | Generating Climate Change Maps (PDF)

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View all articles in related to climate change.

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